Sketches of Blue: an Orbert Davis Tribute to Miles

April 14, 2011, Auditorium Theatre

Orbert Davis' newly arranged versions of the Miles Davis' classic recordings, Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain lead to a standing ovation April 14, 2011, at Chicago's beautiful and historic Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University.

We at Chicago Jazz Philharmonic send a heartfelt thank you to all those who attended. We could not do what we do without you! And to those who were unable to join us, we missed you.

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Newcity Music (July 23, 2014)
“Sketches of Spain” is a masterful collaboration by Miles Davis and Gil Evans that has been deconstructed, imitated and recreated by countless musicians over the years, but few have had the audacity to create a new adaptation that would include new material arranged for a philharmonic orchestra. But Chicago-born trumpeter, composer and arranger Orbert Davis (no relation to Miles) stepped up to the plate with a fantastic take on the classic.”-Ernest Barteldes

Goldstar Review (November 6, 2011)
“Chicago Jazz Philharmonic and the Orbert Davis Sextet gave stunning performances. The music was gorgeous, the kind of jazz that even non-jazz lovers appreciate. NSCPA is an excellent venue for this group of musicians.”-CGL

London Jazz News (August 2014)
“This is a fine ‘revisitation’: fresh, engaging- and immaculately-recorded. The excellent Chicago Jazz Philharmonic gives strength to Davis’ powerful arrangements and compositions and his fiery playing.”-Alison Bentely

Auditorium Theatre Issue 1 2014-15 (November 14, 2014)
“Chicago Jazz Philharmonic’s“Sketches of Spain [Revisited] ,” is an orchestral transformation of the 1960 iconic original by Miles Davis and Gil Evans and is currently receiving rave reviews internationally.”

Jazz Promo Services (July 8, 2014)
““If you’re going to reconceptualize a work as iconic as Sketches Of Spain – daring to change the original instrumentation, and even to replace some movements with new compositions – you’d better do one spectacular job of it. Orbert Davis has dared, and succeeded.””-Neil Tesser

Jazz Society of Oregon (September 2014)
“The outstanding musicianship displayed throughout by the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble answers our original question. This is a freshly minted version, and it’s fully deserving of great praise, and, in my house, repeated listenings.”-George Fendel
Sketches of Blue: an Orbert Davis Tribute to Miles
Sketches of Blue, El Moreno