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About Jazz Alive

The mission of CJP’s Jazz Alive Program is to institute music learning at the beginning of a student’s formal education by providing a linear track of music instruction and enrichment from kindergarten through high school. The program follows a steady progression of music instruction that focuses on basic music theory including notation and rhythm, elements of music, improvisation, and life skills such as communication, team work and self-motivation. This is accomplished through active listening and participation using a variety of instruments. Ensemble instruction is also provided in Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Drum Line, Hand Chimes, Strings, and Guitar.

"By building music programs and jazz bands at the elementary level, we can effectively improve the quality of CPS high school bands all around and can demonstrate involvement in music keeps our children focused and in school.”

-Orbert Davis


In-school Performances


I AND II (K-8)


Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Handchimes, Strings, Guitar, and Drumline


High School Supplement with Workshops and Master Classes
NEW Jazz Alive Short-Term Music Programs

NEW Jazz Alive Short-Term Music Programs

We know that not every school can incorporate a full-year program into their curricula - that's why we have created new fun and exciting short-term programs so that you can find one that is the right size and fit for you and your students!

Please contact Program Manager Jordan Mandela at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information



Residency: JAZZ ALIVE (K-12):

Phase 1: Music Discovery I (Grades K-3) - Introduction to elements of music, improvisation, and instrument technique

Phase 2: Music Discovery II (Grades 3–5) - Continuation of music instruction through hands-on learning and performance, with a strong emphasis on improvisation and developing life skills

Phase 3: Music Ensembles (Grades K-12) - Training in instrumental technique, music theory, and improvisation

Ensembles include: Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Strings, Guitars, Handchimes, Drum Line

Phase 4: Jazz Band Aides (Grades 9 – 12) - A continuation in Jazz Band with a focus on improvisation and mentorship

JAZZ in AMERICA: The Program

JAZZ in AMERICA: The Program

The mission of the “Jazz in America” program is to present music education that “meets students where they are” emotionally, culturally and academically. By connecting everyday life and music, students discover the emotional effects of music through perceptive listening, critical thinking and creative participation. Using a well-integrated standards-based curriculum, “Jazz in America” stresses the connections of music with other disciplines. This is process-centered and activity-based learning. The goals of the “Jazz in America” educational series are to increase jazz knowledge and awareness for high school students and to demonstrate the connection of jazz with American society. At-risk, gifted and talented high school youth are targeted for participation in the ‘Jazz in America” program.



Chicago Jazz Philharmonic’s performing groups facilitate the learning of language arts, history and geography during live musical presentations, including performances by professional musicians, representatives of the cultures and musical flavors of the selected themes.

Click here for more information and a list of our performing groups.



Chicago Jazz Philharmonic performances are always made accessible to students at discounted prices and convenient performance times. Please contact us for special student pricing and to help you coordinate your group’s attendance to one of our performances or free open rehearsals.