Auditorium Theatre Variety Series

March 4, 2006

Where jazz and classical co-existed in peaceful harmony!

Chicago's legendary trumpet player, composer and producer Orbert Davis and his newest group, the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP), took center stage at the Auditorium Theatre on March 4th and gave an exhilarating musical performance. Also featuring pianist Ryan Cohan, Ari Brown (tenor sax), Nicole Mitchell (flutes) and vocalist extraordinaire Ms. Terisa Griffin (click here for Chicago Tribune review) celebrated Chicago’s 173rd birthday in classic style. There was no doubt why Orbert Davis is considered one of the hardest-working persons in the Chicago music scene.

The CJP, a barrier-breaking and genre-bending 55+ piece orchestra, has the flexibility, instrumentation and talent to perform music ranging from big band classics to symphonic works. With a virtuosic mastery of diverse stylist requirements, the CJP possesses the skill to perform in an exciting arena that bridges European classical music and buoyant American jazz.